The project Consortium is a multidisciplinary research team that includes fully complementary Partners from five Member States (Italy, France, Poland, Latvia and Slovakia), two underrepresented countries (Latvia and Slovakia) and one collaborative partner with own funding (Dr. A.Caporali). The first criterion considered in building the Consortium has been ensuring a balanced partnership covering the full value chain deserved by such an ambitious project aiming at increasing the scientific knowledge and industrial application of nanotechnology-based therapeutic approaches with a high expected impact on EU and worldwide skin injuries. The coordinator OPBG group is formed by chemists, biotechnologists, biologists, bioinformaticians; its host institution guarantees a network of multidisciplinary medical doctors; LIOS has a wide chemical expertise on iron oxide nanoparticles and their incorporation into lipid structures (i.e., liposomes). They also performed derivatization of lipids and are the right complement to OPBG who worked on the derivatization of dendrimers. The collaboration with Dr. A.Caporali will reinforce the activities on miRNAs, nanogel preparation and wound healing experiments in in vivo models. ANSES has expertise in genotoxicology and together with OPBG and BMC-SAS will complete the in vitro characterization of the prepared nanogels. BMC-SAS will perform in vivo experiments on mice to assess the nanosafety of hydrogels, whereas OPBG will perform the experiments by employing CD-1 or JAX mice. One SME will be involved in the preparation of pure miRNAs to include into the nanogels and in the optimization of the formulation. The role of the SME will be also crucial in dissemination, training and exploitation of results.

All the project partners have organizational and scientific skills to conduct dissemination activities throughout Europe and Worldwide, thus ensuring a wide visibility of the final results. Each partner is fundamental to the project success and will carry out the specific Tasks strictly compliant with its field of excellence. The integration of knowledge, expertise and technologies amongst the members of the consortium is essential for realizing the objectives of the project and for the efficient translation of these into commercial devices/products for clinical use, ensuring a safe, socially responsible and sustainable approach for skin injuries treatment.

FutureSynthesis. Sp. z o.o. (FS)

Marcin K.  Chmielewski

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External collaborators

Andrea Caporali


The Queen’s Medical Research Institute

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Nicolas Cassinelli

nB nanoScale Biomagnetics

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